Sunday, 27 June 2010

Redgage is the way forward for photos that make money

I have built up an online presence that is earning money to fund my work with young people with autism. Over the past few months, Redgage has become my biggest earner!! It is a friendly site with a great community and the possibilities for earning a good residual income are plentiful - let me take you through a few...

They pay per click at £1.19 per 1000 - not bad (eg Triond pay a feeble amount for pics!!) as I said not bad but not fantastic.
They pay bonuses for content that they select and at an excellent rate of £3 to £5 each!! I've had 7 so far!!
Finally, they pay a £25 daily to the winner of their raffle - tickets are gained by mentioning them around the web and introducing others.

Sounds simple and it is - join, upload pics, vids, links, blogs and get paid - see you there!!
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  1. Thanks for the update, it sounds much better than Triond!

  2. @ Kate - met some lovely people at Triond (including yourself) so I guess both sites have value. Redgage earns me heaps more money!!

  3. Thanks, Rev!

    Several of my Tri friends are moving over to RG. I have made so many great friends on Triond that I couldn't think about leaving, but I am glad that you and others are making better $ at RG:)

  4. @jo - thanks Jo, as I said to Kate, all these sites have their place. See you on Redgage!!